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  ~ Save Time... there is no planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning up.  It’s all done by your Personal Chef - on average 10 hours of extra time in your schedule.

 ~ Eat Healthy... the freshest and best  ingredients are always used and never any preservatives - a great value!

 ~ Dinner at Home... back to the basics.  Your family can enjoy a meal with quality time at the dinner table - price less.

Imagine... Coming home from work - - - You're tired and hungry - - - and in just a few minutes you can be enjoying a delicious, nutritious, healthful dinner.  The best part is, YOU didn't have to shop, cook or clean up!

It was all done be your very own Personal Chef!

The Roaming Chef - Personal Chef Service, is a unique service providing you affordable meals that are customized and prepared just for you in your home. 

Today, in answering the “What’s for dinner?” question, Americans who are pressed for time find they are tired of turning to restaurants, fast food operations and deli facilities in major grocery stores. None of these options offers the convenient, specialized, custom-made variety of menus that a personal chef offers.

Employing a personal chef is the only option that provides affordable meals that are custom designed for each customer’s preferences and dietary needs (weight gain, weight loss, low fat, low salt, diabetic, home medical recovery, etc.). Having a personal chef also allows customers to prepare and eat healthful, nutritious dinners at home in one-half hour or less, thus allowing the customer to recoup time otherwise lost to preparing meals or eating out.   By regaining some of the precious time previously lost, customers are able to devote time to increasing the quality of their lives by allocating more time to family, exercise or other projects.

"It is hard for me to describe the Salmon & dill cream sauce deliciousness, so I'll use this guy!! Open-mouth smile  The fish was so fresh that it did not smell fishy.  The fish was perfectly cooked and the dill cream sauce was lovely with it....We put it on the rice and asparagus, too.  AWESOME! -  Annette C. 

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